Choosing a duvet can be an intimidating and confusing process as marketers try to find new ways to make their products seem better than the rest without incurring additional costs. They often sell you on thread count and pattern of the shell, the type and origin of the fill or the quantity of the fill that they focus on. At Daniadown we believe the true value of a duvet is the comfort it provides. The comfort in helping you sleep better as well of the comfort of your pocket book. That is why we have developed our duvets to give you good, better and best in both warmth and in price.

Any amount of money you pay is wasted if you are not comfortable under a duvet and that is why the first step is to determine your comfort level.

When choosing a comfort level for your duvet, you have three options: Summer, 4 Seasons and Winter. Each features a different fill weight which is based on the down per square metre – the heavier the fill weight, the warmer the duvet. Please note that a heavier fill weight does not relate directly to more comfort but simply more warmth. If you prefer sleep in a warmer environment then a heavier fill will be more comfortable but if you prefer a cooler environment then a light fill would be more comfortable.

For sleepers who are typically too warm under their current bedding
For those whose home is typically kept at a warmer temperature
For those who may have a heavier duvet for winter and prefer a cooler duvet for the warmer months

Designed for year round comfort
For the average sleeper who typically is too warm only on the hottest summer nights
For those whose home is kept at a moderate temperature year round

For sleepers who typically use extra blankets with their current duvet
For those whose home is kept at a cooler temperature
For those who may have a lighter duvet for summer and prefer a warmer duvet for the colder months

Once you have chosen your comfort level you now choose the quality of the materials for added comfort and product longevity. There are 3 main factors to consider loft, thread count and budget.

Loft – The higher the loft in the down typically means a higher percentage of whole down clusters, which make the down more resilient, longer lasting and provides more comfortable warmth.

Thread count – Higher thread count fabric is typically finer and lighter weight, giving more comfort and airiness to the sleeper. It also provides a tighter weave which gives added protection against down working its way through the fabric.

Budget – When you choose a duvet from Daniadown you are choosing a top quality product made in Canada with the finest materials. Our Duvets come with a ten year warranty, but with proper care should last much longer. When you consider the length of use, even our top-of-the-line duvet is extremely affordable!

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